October 15th 2020: Best Practice in ESG Disclosure and Reporting

Accuvio is delighted to sponsor and moderate the upcoming¬†City & Financial Global Ltd webinar ‘Best Practice in ESG Disclosure and Reporting’.

Climate change is a known threat for businesses and companies. Beyond physical, transition and liability risks that they have already seen, businesses and companies are increasingly facing a huge amount of pressure from investors, legislators, regulators, and the public. This timely Virtual Summit will guide companies through the maze of interconnected laws, regulations and initiatives that are redefining corporate reporting as a result of climate change.

As you may be aware, companies are coming under increasing legal and regulatory pressure to fully disclose their exposure to climate change and to report on the risks that may arise from it. Currently, the FCA is consulting on this issue in relation to listed companies, with an expectation that full climate-change disclosure and reporting will follow shortly. In another initiative launched in January, the WEF International Business Council released their ‘Core Metrics’ reporting framework. A month later, the EU set up a review of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive, with the aim of strengthening it as part of its European Green Deal. All of these initiatives build on the work of the Task Force for Climate Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD).

In addition to these direct legal and regulatory developments, companies are coming under increasing pressure from their shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees to incorporate climate issues in their reporting. In particular, ESG issues have firmly established themselves as the number one priority for asset managers, reinforced by the fact that companies with higher ESG ratings have outperformed their peer group during the COVID-19 outbreak.

It is against this backdrop that City & Financial Global is running this Virtual Summit on best practice ESG reporting. This summit aims to highlight new tools available for reporting on ESG and where they fit with the plethora of other ESG regulation and guidelines. It further aims to investigate other emerging themes, including shareholder activism and lessons learned from the 2020 AGM season, the emerging role of auditors in ensuring compliance with ESG regulation, and the place for ratings agencies in the conversation, with the influence of ESG factors on credit quality becoming increasingly apparent.

This forum will follow on from a number of hugely successful City & Financial events on corporate sustainability and strategy, including our inaugural ‘Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance Regulatory Forum’ in November 2019. This Virtual Summit could not come at a more pertinent time as we see the overriding benefit of factoring ESG into strategy and procedure, and hence, the value of landing on how to disclose such efforts. To stay at the forefront of business, companies would be remiss not to be part of this Virtual Summit.

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