Data Migration

Making the move to Accuvio

Most of Accuvio’s new customers have been using other systems for a number of years and recognise the step change the Accuvio solution provides them.

We understand how daunting migrating from an existing system can be. The implementation of your legacy system was a long drawn out ordeal and the system has had many elements tailored to your needs over time. You don’t want to go through that again. We get it. Accuvio is very different.

Most of Accuvio’s new clients come to us via referrals from people who have already made the switch. So we have had a lot of practice migrating from other systems, and even the most complicated spreadsheets.

The key to our success is the flexibility of the Accuvio platform and its ability to take large volumes of data, validate it, clean it and crunch it in minutes.

This gives you a great starting point going forward, and a detailed analysis of the before and after just in case the auditor asks.