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your Sustainability Reporting

A specially designed solution to provide Certainty and minimise Risk  for Corporate Sustainability, Energy and CSR Reporting

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Sustainability reporting is an increasingly important area for any company executive, which demands greater controls and procedures to manage it effectively, and to demonstrate duty of skill and care which is beyond reproach.

In the past, it was acceptable for some organisations to compile a global Sustainability report on spreadsheets, or a combination of traditional EH&S and Energy monitoring systems which were not designed for the global complexity that Sustainability reporting now entails. In 2016 with such reports under increased scrutiny and the requirement of many regulatory and legislative initiatives for a board level signature, such cavalier attitudes to accuracy and transparency are no longer tolerable.

Not only are these processes risky, and error prone, they are incredibly time consuming and quite often the reporting frequency and quality leaves a lot to be desired leaving company executives to make decisions with poor quality information.

Accuvio provides solutions to protect companies from such corporate reporting risks and to put auditable controls in place, to ensure standards and protocols are adhered to at all times. It provides reporting solutions to allow Sustainability and Energy Management personnel to instantly generate tailored reports in seconds which are generated from a robust, validated and cleansed data set – exactly what company executives need, when they need it.

Accuvio addresses many Executive’s key concerns when it comes to Sustainability and Energy corporate reporting

  • Addresses Key Person Risk by removing the “Excel Wizard” dependency.
  • By investing in such a solution, a duty of skill and care is demonstrated beyond reproach.
  • Robust Audit and Verification controls with complete change management
  • The cost overhead of Sustainability and Energy corporate reporting is dramatically reduced
  • The scope and reporting frequency can be easily increased therefore  giving the board up to date trends on performance from all sites.
  • Sustainability and Energy management team have now more bandwidth to lead reduction projects towards achieving those targets.

The Accuvio solution enjoys all the benefits of the Accuvio Platform, without the downside of complex IT implementations.

Complete Global Solution

Complete Cover Internationally for regulatory and voluntary reporting initiatives

Emissions Factors & Standards

We research and keep all emissions factors
and international calculation methodologies
up to date with 100% transparency
sustainability activity data screenshot

Instant & Scheduled Reports

Dozens of industry best practice
report templates and custom bespoke
reports instantly available.

Easy Customisation

Easy to use customisation wizards,
or bespoke development with our dedicated
software development team
Sustainability reporting standards

Voluntary Sustainability Reporting

Delegate, Compile, and Report your data across with complete trace ability for your entire organisation for voluntary sustainability questionnaires and initiatives such as the CDP, FTSE4Good and DJSI among others.

Complete your Mandatory & Compliance Sustainability Reporting with ease

Demonstrate a clear, robust and verifiable systems based mandatory carbon and sustainability reporting regime. With 100% transparency, and trace ability to all data inputs, modifications and calculations you are always audit ready.
mandatory sustainability reporting

A tailored package for voluntary and mandatory sustainability reporting initiatives around the world


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