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With all the exciting benefits of the Accuvio Platform’s time saving data acquisition and data cleansing features

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As experts in the Sustainability and Carbon Reporting space, Supply Chain and Value Chain emissions reporting has always been the most challenging area for most large companies. Not because the emissions factors are difficult to get, or the methodologies are overly complex, or even the consolidation of multiple sources of data is highly error prone; the biggest problem is getting quality data, reliably and regularly. In many cases, it can be a matter of our team of solution architects working with your suppliers in transport logistics or manufacturing, and simply understanding what data they can provide reliably and then using the Accuvio Platform to translate that into what the applicable protocols and standards require.

In other cases, the data is simply not reliable enough, and so other data sources or calculation methods are required such as extrapolations, or interpolations. In other instances innovative and creative solutions are required to calculate the missing data in a manner which is robust and stands up to independent scrutiny and international best practice.

The Accuvio supply chain solution allows for the measurement and reporting of dozens of upstream and downstream business activities “out of the box” as listed in the technical specifications. However, the main part of the solution is in the Accuvio Platform, which can automatically acquire data from users, carriers and suppliers, and then validate and cleanse that data.

Thus providing a robust and reliable data set for accurate and credible reporting monthly.

Innovative Up-Stream & Downstream Solutions

Complete Scope 1,2,3 coverage internationally

Maximise the data you have

The main challenge of supply chain emissions reporting is acquiring quality data. The Accuvio solution fixes the data transparently and pulls data from multiple systems to achieve a consolidated view.

Instant & Scheduled Reports

Dozens of industry best practice
report templates and custom bespoke
reports instantly available.

Expert Developers

Our in house development team are very familiar with the challenges in Supply chain data acquisition and reporting and over time, has developed a suite of tools and solutions.
ease to use

Ready to go reporting solution "Out of the Box"

Accuvio's supply chain and value chain solution can be configured for many clients in a few days, with custom reports and dashboards. And for more complex organisations the platform provides a shortcut to developing a tailored bespoke solution.

Flexibility to adapt to your needs today, and tomorrow

The Accuvio platform provides a flexible and reliable platform for assured supply chain emissions reporting today and tomorrow thanks to our dedicated software development team.

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